Services that we offer :

              We offer onsite support for both home               users & businesses for anything from a               minor virus issue to a complete network               failure and aim to have the problems               fixed as fast as possible for you.

   Business Support :

    Our callout service is charged at
    an hourly rate and will provide your
    business with an I.T engineer,
    Whilst on site, we can work on your
    computer systems, repairing, upgrading
    and troubleshooting.

   Home Users :

    Adware, Spyware, Viruses and more
    could be on your computer now!
    Although you may not know they are there,
    They can cause major problems such as
    slow performance, constant popups
    and system crashes.

             Other Services :

             Any services that are not mentioned
             in the above section and are required
             lease feel free to contact us to
             enquire about them.
             Details available on our contact us page

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